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About Ernestas
Ernestas is a professional photographer, originally hailing from Lithuania.
Photography is a passion that keeps giving for Ernestas. Working with different people every day, seeing the special moments in their lives and helping to shape and preserve them for a lifetime is where he finds his job satisfaction.
He worked in a broad range of photographic settings, before dedicating his life to wedding photography.
He has a great love for natural landscapes and enjoys incorporating beautiful backgrounds into his work. He also takes scenic photography for pleasure.
Ernestas speaks English, Lithuanian and Russian and will be happy to converse in whichever language works best for you.

Ernestas photography Ireland
Ernestas Photography
Ernestas photography Ireland
Ernestas photography Ireland

Feel free to email me at hello@ernestasphoto.com or call me +353 87 781 5964.
Also you can find and contact me on facebook.